Are You Working too Hard?

In the days of Sheryl Sandberg — when we’re all supposed to Lean In and lean in hard — it’s easy to end up a haggard, harried workaholic in the process. Increasingly, more and more men and women report working too hard and forgetting their lives in the process.

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Are you working too hard? Do you ever think the term workaholic might apply to you? Here are a few signs that might you see you’re leaning in that direction.

My advice: If you see signs that you are a workaholic, lean out, and lean out fast. Your health and happiness will thank you.

You Don’t Read

Reading should be an important activity for anyone bent on self-improvement, relaxation, and enjoyment. If you haven’t done this in ages, it likely means your working too hard. If you’ve tried to do this late at night and found yourself falling asleep after reading just one page — same deal. Find a bit more space in your life and you can breathe – and read – again.

You Never Sit and Do Nothing

One of the secrets of happiness is spending some time each day doing absolutely nothing. And yet how many of us actually do that? Your guess is as good as mine. If the thought of just SITTING — looking at a beautiful ocean or looking at a wall — sends shivers down your spine, you just might be a workaholic.

You’ve Forgotten Your Passions

Fueling our passions in our daily life is an important part of maintaing our vitality. If you have a passion that has been dormant while you read more emails, take more conference calls, and attend endless meetings, it’s time to take a second look at if you’re working too hard. Do you love music, and yet haven’t listened to something beautiful – or played something of your own — in ages? Work less. Follow your passions more

You’re No Longer Exploring Your Creativity

We all yearn to express our creativity, but when life gets busy it’s one of the first things to go. Don’t forget about important being creative is to leading healthy and happy lives, and try to find time in your daily life to revitalize the creativity that really will fuel you. Whether it’s art, singing, drama, speaking, or anything else — find a way to express yourself creatively on a daily basis and you can keep the workaholic tendencies at bay.

Do you recognize yourself in any of these signs? If so, what can you do to take a step back and keep your inner workaholic at bay?

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