A couple years ago I went through a year-long retreat process to dig into what matters most in my life. In the program was a gal with awesome hair who talked about doing weekly 1:1 meetings with her boyfriend about their life. In their “meetings”, they would follow a pre-determined agenda and have conversations to help them figure out if they were on track with their goals, if they weren’t, and why not.

You have one of three reactions to this story.

Reaction 1: What in HOLY HECK!?! And he wasn’t even her husband?!? Poor, unfortunate soul.

Reaction 2: Sounds actually cool and valuable, but maybe over the top?


If you’re in the reaction 2 or 3 camp, then this email is for you.

It turns out, some crazy high percentage of us (an official #), are fascinated by evaluating our own lives. Taking personality tests, “scoring” ourselves in different areas of our life, and setting goals and guideposts to lead us through.

I’m one of those peeps. And if you’ve hung around these parts for any length of time, you likely are, too.

That’s why I was psyched to hear that one of my mentors, Michael Hyatt, just came out with a new version of his end-of-year life assessment tool.

It’s a 10-minute online test that’s all about evaluating your life, and it is super duper awesome.

Here’s why:

We measure so much in our businesses. It helps us see what’s working, what’s not, and big opportunities to improve. So why not give that same attention to our whole LIFE: our health, our finances, and our relationships?

This quiz helps you do that.

I just did took the assessment, and it took me ten minutes.

All you do is quickly rate yourself in each of life’s major domains. You read a series of descriptive statements and pick the one that most closely aligns with where you perceive yourself to be. You then refine a bit based on your unique situation. It all adds up to your LifeScore™. It’s simple. But I promise it will instantly show you your opportunities to grow this year.

The assessment is 100% free, but it’s only available for a few days.

—->>>>>DO IT HERE.

And if you do, let me know what you think;)

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