For years, people have asked me how I get so much done. I sleep more than anyone I know, I read 200 books a year, I have a healthy relationship obsession with a certain network called Bravo, I travel 100,000+ miles a year, I work hard in my career, I write books, and I have a family I love. It’s a lot. And it wouldn’t work save for my obsessive passion for productivity. For turning on when I should be on, and it turning off (way off) when it’s time to recharge.

I don’t think about productivity like other people do, and I think that’s why I’m good at it. I don’t tell you to turn off the TV or tell your friends you’ll see them in six months or try sleeping in polyphasic bursts.

And so, over the years, I’ve started thinking more about what exactly it is I’m doing, putting clarity around those thoughts, and – ultimately – sharing those ideas with others, all in hopes that other folks can find ways to rock their lives by doing less. Because that is the key.

I believe you can be just as productive – and usually much more so – by working less.

The Do Less Method is about taking back your time, and giving it to someone who really knows what they’re doing.


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Want an overview?

DO Less is an acronym, and each letter reminds you of the following key steps needed to create a life intent on getting you off the hamster wheel.

Read below for some key articles on each step.

Decide (what matters)

Organize (your life)

Intentional work is the key to great innovation.

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