I was off on a fabulous trip this week which led to fun and learning and fatigue all at once — par for the traveling course.

I was with my Marshall Goldsmith 100 Coaches Group out in Phoenix, learning from the likes of former Ford CEO Alan Mulally, who was born in Oakland, turned around Ford like the boss he is, and is a humble, hysterically funny dude. This group has been one of my favorite things professionally in the last year, and so it’s well worth said fatigue.

(Upon return I slept for 17 of the last 24 hours.)


  • My new website is getting close to launching; an exciting thing given the years-in-the-making nature of it all. This is the image chosen for the homepage, which some of you helped me pick from the problematic photoshoot in which most pictures had my hair blocking my face.
  • This podcast episode from my friend Emily P Freeman: Hold One Thing At a Time was AMAZING for me in terms of helping with daily decision making — both big and small. Emily comes at things from a faith perspective, so there is some faith content at times.
  • Another good episode from the same podcast: Make the Most Important List. Thinking about what is on your important list is a great task, and one I relished doing.
  • The twins started PLAYING, and one became a gremlin creature in the process. (I am SCARED.)
  • Part of realizing what works for me this year has also about realizing what doesn’t work for me. Despite everyone and their mother telling me This is Us is the best show on television, I got bored after Season 1 (or, rather, annoyed by Mandy Moore’s frequently over-concerned facial expressions) and decided to cut myself loose from the chains of the weekly watch. It seems like a little thing, but realizing all I really wanted was an occasional update about what was actually happening/do we know yet how Jack died was a great breath of fresh air that set me free.

This is the way I am.

Have you done something counter-cultural of late that made you realize how YOU are?

Tell me below.

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