I’m not sure where I first heard of the idea of a dream board, but suffice to say the first time I heard about it I thought it sounded silly. A little Kindergarten-like. A little arts-and-craftsy. A little, well, not me

But that was before Pinterest. Because with Pinterest, it turns out a dream board is a simple as a few clicks and a few breath-taking images; it requires absolutely no gunky glue or old magazines that give me paper cuts. Pinterest is, in fact, just made for dream boards.

(Someone should thank them for that.)

But I’m getting ahead of myself. I never did explain what a dream board is, after all.

So what is a dream board?

A dream board is a place where you (yes) put your dreams on a board. It can be an old cork-board with pictures or quotes you find in magazines pasted up, or it can be a digital Pinterest-friendly one. Either way, it’s a visual board with the goal of inspiring you when you look at it and making you feel motivated, happy, and whole every time you do give it a glance. It’s a board to hang next to your desk or computer and to look at as frequently as possible. It’s a board to start you and keep you going towards reaching your dreams.

But there are some things a dream board is not, and some of those things might be things you don’t even realize you are inviting into your life when you first make a dream board. But you might be, and so you need to know about them beforehand (and avoid making a dream board that invites them in.)

What is a dream board NOT?

A dream board is not a place to visually self-flagellate yourself for things you don’t have, or to incite attacks of envy. Think twice about putting pictures of your best friend’s incredible car if it gives you any pangs of “Why does she have it and I don’t?!?” Instead, veer towards images and quotes that give you pure, unbridled inspiration.

Also, make sure that your dream board has your dreams on it. Not your boss’s dreams for you, say. Your dreams are your dreams, and no one else’s. Is it your dream to travel to Afghanistan, even if your husband thinks that’s a bad idea? Put it on your dream board anyway. Your dreams are your dreams, not other people’s. 

And here are mine.

What do you do with a dream board?

Be inspired. Look at your dreams. Remind yourself of them. Often.

Do you have a dream board? What is (or what would be) on it?

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