The Top Ten Social Media Marketing Mistakes (Podcast #7)

Did you remember I have a podcast? Here’s episode 6, and it’s all about social media marketing. Specifically I’ll be telling you the top ten social media marketing mistakes I see individuals, brands and organizations making every day. Hopefully you’re not making them — and if you are, stop. Now. This podcast is based on […]

Why Every Conference Should be An Unconference {Podcast #4}

In honor of the upcoming Twitter for Good Unconference, I have a new podcast up (it’s more of an audio manifesto, really), where I explain why (almost) every conference should be an “unconference”. I’ll tell you what an unconference is, then talk about how unconferences can solve the major problem in our current conference system […]

Mark Horvath and Invisible People (Podcast #1)

If you do not remember by big news, let me share again: I have a new podcast. Want to listen? Yay! Here’s my first episode, all about Mark Horvath and Invisible People, one of the most fascinating innovators in social change I’ve come across in a long time. Everyone (including Jessica Gottlieb, if you’re counting) […]

Claire Diaz-Ortiz Has a Podcast. #alert

I have long envied people with podcasts. It started, I’d say, in 2005, when I began listening to lengthy weekly podcasts analyzing the latest Lost episode. Most famously, I spent the good majority of my multi-week trek to Everest Base Camp catching up on back episodes of my Lost podcasts. When I discovered Dave Ramsey, […]