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Claire Diaz-Ortiz is a frequent international speaker on topics of business, innovation, social media, and social good. She has been invited to deliver trainings and keynotes and commencement speeches at such varied organizations and events as The United Nations, Verizon, Toyota, South by Southwest, The Rockefeller Foundation, The Mashable Social Good Summit, and many others. She bases her speeches on her many published books and her diverse career as a woman in business — both as an early employee at Twitter and as a social entrepreneur in Africa.

She offers her speeches in both English and Spanish.

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Here are a few of her most popular keynotes:

Social Innovation in Business: From Claire’s perspective leading social innovation at Twitter, this talk explores the meaning, importance, and impact of innovation in business today, highlighting key organizational practices and strategies that some of the most extraordinary business leaders are using to get ahead. Named by Fast Company as one of the 100 Most Creative People in Business, Claire particularly explores the link between dreaming an innovative reality, and creating it.

The Power of Connection: Drawing on her background as an early employee of Twitter and her wealth of experience in Silicon Valley, Claire uses this talk to emphasize how connection is the true one and only in business today. This speech touches on autobiographical and inspirational content related to her own strange Silicon Valley origins – in an African orphanage, no less – to speak of the power of connection for humanity, and what that can mean in shaping the way we think about connection in business. Claire also draws on her experience as “The Woman Who Got the Pope on Twitter” (Wired) and “Twitter’s Pontiff Recruitment Chief” (The Washington Post) to speak to the power of why anyone – and everyone – needs to create such connections. This speech can be tailored to best fit one of three key settings: general corporate, technology (including social media specific), or pro-social.

Tactical Twitter Keynote (“Twitter for Business” or “Twitter for Good”): This talk begins with a high-level look at the far-reaching power of Twitter, but then dives deep into concrete tactical strategy for corporations and organizations of all sizes. This talk can be tailored to a for-profit or a pro-social audience, and is based off of Claire’s award-winning book about Twitter.

Technology for Good: Known as both “A Force for Good” (Forbes), and “One of the Most Generous People in Social Media” (Fast Company), Claire is passionate about the power of technology to be a force for positive change. This talk brings both her unusual personal history as a young foster mother and her years working in AIDS orphanages together with her expertise in using technology for good to share how technology has the deep power to change our world for the better. 

The Highs and Lows of the Digital World: Claire Diaz-Ortiz is not only known as “The Woman Who Got the Pope on Twitter” – she is also known for the precariously viral honor of being the first (and only?!) person to live-tweet the birth of a child. More news? She wrote a book on the meaning of our always connected world, and is militant about taking time offline. From the perspective of Claire’s early work at Twitter, and her own personal experience of being inherently connected, she delivers a talk about what it really means to be so connected in this day and age.

Women, Business, and the Elusive Search for Balance: One of Claire’s most popular books looks at the challenge of finding balance in a world of doing #allthethings. In this talk, Claire explores her own journey from success to burnout and back again, giving the audience insight into what it means to carve out your own path and build a work life that works for you.

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Praise for Claire:

“Don’t forget this name: Claire Diaz-Ortiz.”
– Inc. Magazine.

“Fascinati[ing] to listen to [Claire Diaz-Ortiz] on the global impact of social media today.”
– Carl Bildt, Former Prime Minister of Sweden

“[Claire Diaz-Ortiz] helps you figure out how to use Twitter to drive any campaign and make real things happen. [She] provides focused direction and real-life examples … “
–Craig Newmark, founder of Craigslist

“Claire is generous from the moment you meet her. As she has gained insights about herself and life, she shares it in a funny and believable way.”
-Nancy Duarte, CEO and Bestselling Author

“Thank you for this inspiring and encouraging event!”
– Amy

 “You have given me a tremendous gift. It is a gift I didn’t even know I needed.”

“I am overwhelmed by your ability to use social media so gracefully.  You are the ballerina of the social media marketer.

If you don’t follow Claire Diaz-Ortiz, you need to. Twitter is losing a brilliant mind and charitable genius. I was privileged to serve on SXSW panel with her…”
-Petri Darby, CMO

Fascinati[ing] to listen to on the global impact of social media today.

Fascinati[ing] to listen to [Claire Diaz-Ortiz] on the global impact of social media today.

– Carl Bildt, Former Prime Minister of Sweden; Co-Chair European Council on Foreign Relations