The Way I Am

I was off on a fabulous trip this week which led to fun and learning and fatigue all at once — par for the traveling course. I was with my Marshall Goldsmith 100 Coaches Group out in Phoenix, learning from the likes of former Ford CEO Alan Mulally, who was born in Oakland, turned around […]

How To Make Free-Time Productive

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about how to make my “free-time” more productive. I’m a huge advocate for downtime. I know, I’m sure for some of you it might sound painful. But, look at it this way: Free-time can be more than vegging out. Free-time can be a way to maximize how efficient you’ll […]

The Slow Year [My Word of the Year is…]

“Is next week tonight?”   Lucia asked, eager to replicate the midnight fireworks display of Christmas Eve (I told her it would again happen on New Year’s Eve — next week).   “Nope.” I said. “Tonight is tonight.”   And that’s as much of a metaphor as anything for the year I’ve got ahead of […]

How Does Your Life Measure Up?

A couple years ago I went through a year-long retreat process to dig into what matters most in my life. In the program was a gal with awesome hair who talked about doing weekly 1:1 meetings with her boyfriend about their life. In their “meetings”, they would follow a pre-determined agenda and have conversations to […]

On Giving Tuesday, Give Girls an Education

Is it crazy to say GivingTuesday is one of my favorite days of the year? Then let me be crazy. This year, I’m super excited to share a bit about what World Vision, a great organization I care about immensely, is doing in Zambia. If you know anything about my story, I got my start […]

Why Success Is Not a Dirty Word

A few years ago a popular blogger and friend Shauna Niequist wrote an article called Stop Instagramming Your Perfect Life. It went viral because it resonated with us all. A few weeks ago, I wrote you a newsletter entitled, Everybody’s Off Living their Perfect Life and I’m Just Here Folding Laundry. It was a line […]

Do You Need a Decision Day?

As I write this post, I’m at the my office, waiting for my husband and daughter to pick me up to go grocery shopping. This is a pretty obvious ending to the kind of day I like to call a “Decision Day”. Every couple of weeks I have a good decision day, and it’s a […]

A Letter to the Worst Year of My Life

There has been a theme in the last year of my life, and it has gone like this:   Character: CLAIRE Diaz-Ortiz (Type A / Planner / INFJ / Enneagram 3) with desire to do all the things in the way she wants to do them. Action: CLAIRE plans all the things. Stage Directions: Enter […]