Why Success Is Not a Dirty Word

A few years ago a popular blogger and friend Shauna Niequist wrote an article called Stop Instagramming Your Perfect Life. It went viral because it resonated with us all. A few weeks ago, I wrote you a newsletter entitled, Everybody’s Off Living their Perfect Life and I’m Just Here Folding Laundry. It was a line […]

Do You Need a Decision Day?

As I write this post, I’m at the my office, waiting for my husband and daughter to pick me up to go grocery shopping. This is a pretty obvious ending to the kind of day I like to call a “Decision Day”. Every couple of weeks I have a good decision day, and it’s a […]

A Letter to the Worst Year of My Life

There has been a theme in the last year of my life, and it has gone like this:   Character: CLAIRE Diaz-Ortiz (Type A / Planner / INFJ / Enneagram 1) with desire to do all the things in the way she wants to do them. Action: CLAIRE plans all the things. Stage Directions: Enter […]

How I’m Using Morning Pages to Write My Way Through

A couple years ago, I heard about a thing called Morning Pages. Julia Cameron is the brainchild and the concept is pretty simple: Morning Pages are three pages of longhand, stream of consciousness writing, done first thing in the morning. *There is no wrong way to do Morning Pages*– they are not high art. They are not even […]

Things We Don’t Say: On Avoiding Conflict

With tons of little kids in the house these days (my own, typically, although occasionally others drop by to join in on the circus), I’m now doing a lot of my work in a co-working space. This has been a radical change in my work life, and one I’m embracing so far. Very quickly it […]

We Need a New Word for Busy

Oh hi. It’s Claire, author of a new book and mother of #3under3 who is traveling and speaking and writing and fighting with health insurance about preemie vaccines and cleaning up asking my husband to clean up the mess the neighbor’s dog makes of our trash every morning. Here’s the thing: Last week I told […]

Is Hustle a Dirty Word?

Recently there’s been a revolution of sorts around the word “hustle”. Long the mantra of entrepreneurs, “hustle” has started to get a bad rap, and some folks have started waving a big white flag calling for a cease and desist. I’m considering throwing my hat into the ring. Last week I came out with a […]

Run YOUR Race

Hello from an increasingly autumnal Southern hemisphere. In a few days, I’ll be flying up North. North being a place I haven’t been in a year, because, amazingly, I haven’t been on a PLANE in a whole entire YEAR. (There is a lot of capitalization in that sentence.) Since I started flying as a kid, […]