Best of the Interwebs This Week…

So what was happening this week in the world? Many things, but I’m afraid my best-of links may not help you become any more acquainted with them. They will make you laugh, smile, and have all the ups and downs betwee, though;)

Without further ado, here’s what I found fascinating this week on the interwebs:

  • The Instant Consultant: This great post from Chris Guillebeau on how to be a consultant had me cheering. Love the message. Just wish I had written it. So, what skills do you have that you aren’t maximizing into a potential career or side job?
  • Why Sitting Is Killing You: A cool infographic showing why you need to get up and move around as much as possible. Thanks to Michael Hyatt (and his stand-up desk) for pointing this article out. I immediately pulled out my pedometer and strapped it on, I must say.
  • Eat, Sleep, Pray — What 62,000 Tweets Say About Your Sunday: Awesome NYTimes article about what people tweet about on Sundays.
  • Homemade Corn Tortillas: Yes, this is a recipe. And yes, I am seeking someone to make these for me. My father makes the most amazing homemade tomatillo sauce we can put on them. When you bring them. Fresh and piping hot. Please please please.
  • Sketched: A powerful, moving post about the lost and the found.
And now, back to a Saturday afternoon of arguing with an Internet troll. (More on this exercise in absurdity later…)

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