How Goals Can Help You Define Success

Interested in setting annual goals? Every December, Michael Hyatt opens up his popular course, Best Year Ever. I highly recommend it. Watch three FREE videos from him about goal-setting here. It’s no secret that I love me some productivity hacks. So last year, I was all smiles when I stumbled upon a wonderful productivity resource: the […]

What a Dream Board Can Do for You

I’m not sure where I first heard of the idea of a dream board, but suffice to say the first time I heard about it I thought it sounded silly. A little Kindergarten-like. A little arts-and-craftsy. A little, well, not me.  But that was before Pinterest. Because with Pinterest, it turns out a dream board […]

How You Wanted Me to Help You

Last week I sent out a question. It was a simple one, and apparently it resonated. When I asked, “How Can I Help You?”, I got over 250 responses. There were a number of things folks wanted help with, and after reading through each and every email and responding to as many of them as […]

Why You Need an Ideas Notebook

Here’s the scenario. You’re a writer, say. You put words on paper and put those papers into the hands of people who read them. Or maybe you put words on screens and let Twitter do your billing: I PUT A WORD HERE. COME READ IT. Whatever your method (paper, pen, computer), or your strategy for […]