How to Get a Job: A True Story (Part 1)

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  This is Part 1 of 3-part series. See Part 2 here.   When people used to ask me for advice on how to go about getting their dream job, I used to look off into the distance and look […]

How to Increase Your Google Page Rank (Rule #1: Don’t Talk About Increasing Your Google Page Rank)

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The first rule of Increasing Your Google Page Rank is Not to Talk About Increasing Your Google Page Rank. Let me back up. I have a lot of websites I dabble on/manage/own/open to grin at. I have a passive life […]

How to Eat An Elephant

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Maybe you’ve heard the story about how it’s hard to eat an elephant. Although I don’t personally know (not having eaten elephants much in my time), I would imagine as much. Tough meat. Big guy. Etc. Given how hard it […]

How to Make a Tea Commercial

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So I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that I do not believe this is how you make a tea commercial. First, watch:     Now, listen. This video comes from my dear friend @amalia, who […]

5 Lessons on Twitter from the First Article Ever Written About It

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In honor of the 5th anniversary of Twitter officially opening its doors to the public (July 15, 2006), Twitter co-founder @biz will be radiating his awesomeness on NPR’s Wait, Wait…Don’t Tell Me tomorrow. In response, @mgrooves pointed out the first […]

How to Tweet? Ask Me. I Know.

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I talk a lot about how to tweet. At conferences, in my book, on this blog, and to any and all small, defenseless babies I come across on the street. And for good reason, I must say. If you’re not […]

How to Use Twitter: Twitter Best Practices and the T.W.E.E.T. Framework

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Do you want to learn how to use Twitter? Pick up Twitter for Good and learn to excel on Twitter in 5 steps. Or, register for my Twitter for Good video course. See details here, or click below to register […]

Why Your Pitch Sucks (and how to fix it)…

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about pitches. The pitches I get, the pitches I send, and the sad world that is people-wanting-things-from-people-and-not-knowing-how-to-ask. To start, let me say that no discussion of pitch failures would be complete without a shout-out […]

How to Make a Viral Video (and how not to…)

When the indomitable Sammy sent me his latest video masterpiece this week, I laughed. Hard. On the surface, “ghostbusters music video” (capital letters lacking) has all the trappings of pure, adolescent boy dancing genius. Terrible, unsynchronized moves? Check. Plentiful, size […]

How Non-Profits Can Learn to Tweet from Kanye West

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The rumors are true. I believe that every non-profit can learn a great lesson on Tweeting from Kanye West. Yes, Kanye West. The same man who writes such dynamic, non sequitor musings as: If you have heard me give a […]