The first rule of Increasing Your Google Page Rank is Not to Talk About Increasing Your Google Page Rank.

Let me back up.

I have a lot of websites I dabble on/manage/own/open to grin at. I have a passive life goal to increase my google page rank on such sites. Alas, I do absolutely nothing to reach such goal. In fact, I actually do active things to disrupt this goal, like linking to dumb articles and other internet nonsense.

Even so, on rare occasion I’ll be looking at one of my websites and I’ll realize that my Google Page Rank has…(wait for it)…INCREASED!

This provokes an immediate happy dance, the likes of which I will not replicate for anyone, ever.

Shortly after said happy dance, my levels of serotonin return to their normal base and I become accustomed to my new page rank for that particular website, feeling I thoroughly and completely deserve it, it is my birth-order-determined RIGHT and I should have had it for years.

Then, the Google Page Rank gods have at me again. A day might have passed, or maybe a month, or maybe even a year. But surely, without warning, the Google Page Rank gods rip the new page rank away from me in a way not unlike taking off bandaids from open wounds that have not yet scarred. These rips — each and every one – damage a piece of me. Not to mention my websites, whose newly lowered page ranks reflect the scars.

Why am I talking about this?

If you haven’t deduced from my cryptic hints, the Google Page Rank gods have struck again in my life. Although there were some minor let-downs in the process (one site I have went from a 4 to a 3 — sad day) the biggest boon (read: GOOD THING!) has occurred here at, where the page rank gods have upped my rank to…(wait for it)…a 6!



Six is good, folks. I swear. Six is like the level where important people who say they don’t care about google page rank sit, busy with their not caring since 1999. Six is the level where your blog content is truly dynamo. With a six, I’ve undoubtedly got incredible things to say.

No, really.

For proof, see some of my life changing past blog posts, including How to Make a Tea Commercial (a fundamental skill for anyone in this day and age) and Lessons from the Breakfast Buffet (which is not just a list of things I ate that day, but rather a post with deep, hidden, as-of-yet-unrevealed meaning).

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