Four Reasons You Shouldn’t Read My Blog

Guess what?

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Maybe my blog isn’t for you.

And maybe that other blog you read from time to time isn’t either. Should you keep reading on the off-chance that something might one day strike you as life-changing?

Maybe. Or maybe not.

Here’s how to know when it’s time to stop reading my blog (or someone else’s):

  1. You Don’t Like the Way I Write: People have writing styles. Different ways they thread words together to make points and make you feel happy, angry, or warm and fuzzy inside. And we all like different styles. Some of us love Hemingway. Some of us love Fitzgerald. Some of us love Seuss. Find who you love, and follow her blog.
  2. You Don’t Like the Topics I Choose: I don’t believe I need to like the topic of every post some of my favorite bloggers write, but I do believe that the majority of their posts should be things I am interested in. This is why I don’t subscribe to blogs about sports, or pets, for example. Because these aren’t topics I am passionate about. Are you reading a blog with topics you care about? Or did you just read one post once that you liked that made you subscribe, but in reality every other post on the blog is about something not relevant to your life?
  3. You Think Everything Online Should be Free: This is a dicey one, but one that needs to be said. I rarely sell you anything on this blog. But sometimes I do. And sometimes when I do give you free things (like ebooks) I ask you to sign up to my newsletter in exchange. These are things bloggers do everywhere. Why? Because blogging is a job. If this is news to you, then listen up: Some people make their livings off blogging. (I have at points). Just like you go to the office and have meetings, bloggers go to offices (home offices, that is) and type on their computers. Would you tell someone they shouldn’t make money at their job? If so, then maybe you should unsubscribe to my blog, and others that do occasionally sell things.
  4. You Think Bloggers are Disrespecting You When they Don’t Respond to Your Emails: I get a lot of email. 35,000 people subscribe to this blog, and every day some of them write me. I try to write back to as many as possible, but one can only do so much. Good bloggers make you feel like you know them. But you feeling like you know a particular blogger doesn’t take away the reality that many tens of thousands of people might also feel that way. And might also write an email expecting a response. Thus, there is a legitimate reason that some high-profile bloggers may get significantly more email from people they do not know than you do. If you believe that I or another blogger isn’t writing back to you due to a lack of respect (and some of you do, based on emails I’ve received), it may be time to either understand the oversubscribed nature of an online writer’s inbox, or unsubscribe.

What do you think? Do you follow these four rules when thinking about if you should unsubscribe to a blog? Should you? Which of these reasons resonates, and which doesn’t?


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30 thoughts on “Four Reasons You Shouldn’t Read My Blog

  1. Dear Ms Claire,
    fond greetings,
    Thanks for the 4 wake up points for the hibernating persons.
    Enjoyed the passion of the words you choose, they actually resonates…:)

  2. Interesting stuff. Every blog isn’t for everyone and every post isn’t going to be something that everyone wants to see. Still, it’s easier to tell people they don’t have to read your blog when you have 35,000 subscribers. lol In any case we the blog owners can only do what we can do and if others don’t like it, unless it’s everyone, so be it.

  3. Dear Ms Claire,
    1. This is beautiful! Thought it was worth sharing.


    2. My dictionary has no word of ‘NOTS’ for a person like you, who thinks “Out of Box” and innovate our thoughts to a third angle of approach.
    warm wishes

  4. I love your blog. its the only one i take time to read. in fact you are the reason i started my website. …..kinda abandoned the blog thing right now as it overwhelmed me and i started to drown.
    but you made many good points. esp. that people to tend to think everything in life should be free. no way.
    and you have surprised me by responding to several emails i sent. never expected a response lol. so don’t let anyone get you down. soooooooo many people are incapable of “getting it” especially if they are far removed from the particular profession.
    have a wonderful evening

  5. I think a lot of angst many blog readers have could be abated by them remembering that the bloggers don’t owe them anything (posts on particular topics, email replies, the complete absence of spelling mistakes, an ad free environment, a totally consistent post frequency ect.) but that all the content they get is a gift they can ether gratefully receive or that they can politely decline and move on elsewhere.

  6. Hey Claire, summing it up – life’s too short to read bad blogs – just like the bad coffee/wine/chocolate version of this saying. Thing is, taste is personal, so what is bad coffee for me might be great coffee to someone else – same for a blog. Right now your blog is my skinny latte so I will stay tuned. More chocolate anyone?

  7. The reason I keep reading CDO’s blog is that she’s so painfully honest. Her topics are always weird, and she usually has some offbeat take on the very most mundane things.

    So long as she’s not secretly debiting my bank account every time I log in, I’m going to have a hard time giving it up.

    I haven’t bought any of her products so far, but I have enjoyed thinking about them, which may ipso facto disqualify me from being the kind of reader she’s looking for. On the other hand, I have bought two of the books she has recommended, and I thought they were quite good.

    She’s an unusual thinker, and her blog is an important contribution to the world of thought.

    Keep up the great work!

  8. Seems in general there are a lot of people who need to vent and use the comment zones to do so. Should be some type of therapy blog they can be instantly referred to so their larger problem can be addressed. Don’t always agree with you but as a dinner guest you make interesting conversation. More wine?

  9. “Wow.”

    That word came out of my mouth as I read your post. In audible form, though there’s no one in the room to hear it.

    Truth is, I love reading what you write as well as paying attention to the way you write it. If I like a blog, I’m delighted for the blogger to be able to make money with it.

    As I consider your last point, I realize that it IS very easy to feel that I know someone from reading his or her blog. Thank God for that! Blogging has given us all a chance to let our voices be heard by anyone who wants to hear it. But it’s probably better for me to think in terms of liking a blogger’s style or resonating with her words rather than knowing her. Knowing is an interactive deal, a two-way street.

    So. Claire, I like your style. I resonate with your words. So much so that I’d love to know you. And who knows? Perhaps I will get to meet you someday. Until then, I’ll keep reading and appreciating your work.

  10. This made me smile. Perhaps I am getting old, but it am realising that nowadays you really have to tell some people these things. Life is about deciding what to do and what not to do. We really have to make our own choices and not feel upset because some particular person does not resonate with our way of thinking. Good on you Claire for the reminder:-)

  11. I appreciate your blog and how you share. I feel your blog’s tone is friendly and personal. Some people are just needy and need to be stroked even by people they don’t know except through words on a screen. So you keep doing you and the majority of else will keep appreciating what you are doing

  12. Very well said! The third one (free stuff) is a barrier for a lot of people. I make almost nothing off my blog, but when I do try to earn a little “walking-around money,” it is obvious it makes some people upset. I try not to do it often (maybe once a month, usually less), but some don’t like it. That’s okay. There’s always other sites for them to see and enjoy if they don’t like mine!

  13. Claire! I respect your voice, embrace your topic choices, and was surprised (and flattered) when I received a response to my emails. Generally speaking, I subscribe to blogs that add value to my life, that educate, entertain and inspire me. Anyone who reads a blog with the expectation of social interaction should unsubscribe, and get themselves a Twitter account.

    • Oh no need to thank! Ha — I just don’t like that people expect it, you know? Or get hurt when it doesn’t happen…

  14. Yes, yes I do, though I might not have been able to articulate it! And I have found as my life progresses and changes, my interests and blog subscriptions do too! 🙂