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I read a lot.

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This year, I’m on track to hit my goal of 200 books read by December 31. Thankfully, I don’t buy all of those books. Many of them I get through free ebook offers and free kindle book promotions that authors I know (and don’t know) launch.

One of my pals, NYT bestselling author Dave Kerpen, just published his third book today. Titled Likeable Leadership, it’s a 421-page tome sharing 65 stories about how to lead well.

Specifically, it’s broken into four sections:

  1. Leadership and Inspiration
  2. Your Career
  3. Marketing and Social Media
  4. Miscellaneous Musings

The articles are not meant to be read all at once — but rather one article at a time, based on what you need on any given day. Skip around, and skip over what you don’t find relevant to you.

It’s free for the next 72 hours on Kindle (after that it’ll be $4.99). So, you know, go get it if you like free ebooks.

Want to know about more free ebooks and free ebook offers?

Given how much I love to read and how many authors I’m buds with, I’m often getting emails and tweets about free ebook promotions. I’d like to share these with you, but I also know that some folks are up to their eyeballs already in books. If you’d like to hear more about free ebook offers, join my free ebook emailing list, where I’ll send you a ping when I hear of a good free one (or deeply discounted one) I’m particularly obsessed with.

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The (infrequent) emails will be curated around interesting books on business, leadership, productivity, and related themes, so you won’t be awash in free historical romance ebook offers or free digital downloads on wheat-free living. (Not that I don’t love me some wheat-free living, mind you.)

Action item for today? Download Dave’s free ebook on Amazon

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3 thoughts on “Free Ebooks – Today, and Every Day

  1. Thanks for pointing that book out. Looks great! Glad you’re starting a newsletter for books like that. At the moment I’m reading mostly non-fiction (especially business, marketing and social sciences) so that will be very useful.

    A publisher to watch for free kindle books is FT Press. They’ve been having about half a dozen free books a week for quite a while. Sometimes the books are on obscure sub-fields of science or project management, but they do often have good free books on business and leadership. Here’s three that are currently free (probably until early morning monday American time if their normal pattern applies)