My House

I did not anticipate ever living in a cool house, but then again I never thought I would marry a mostly-minimalist, talented architect. So, preambles aside, this is our (new!) home on a little lake in Buenos Aires, Argentina. We’re outside the city, in case the ducks gave it away.

Additionally, if you’re wondering how our 1-year-old @lucia handles all this, suffice it to say that our architect-in-residence had to bend his brain far to deal with all the baby proofing.

Other things to note: the plants are bigger since we took these pictures, we got some outdoor furniture, the library is 80% full (!), and I’m sorry I’m wearing garbage clothes for my living room couch debut. Oh, and we bought a boat, which so far has not sunk. Which is saying a lot.

That is all.











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34 thoughts on “My House

  1. That is absolutely beautiful.
    I love the contemporary clean peaceful look.


    We just don’t know where life will take us.
    God has a special plan for us all.

  2. Wow!!
    What a lovely place you live… the house is amazing… congrats to the Architect!
    I really like the environment and how the design takes advantage of the setting, and by the way, the deck lighting looks fabulous!
    It’s also amazing you’ve found a place like this in the crowdy and noisy city of Buenos Aires. Where is it? Cardales?

  3. Claire and Jose’!
    WOW what a house! We love it! Congrats to both of you and, of course, Jose’ for such a creative accomplishment.

    Hope all is well with you all and cute little Lucia. Lizzie and Katie are growing like weeds.


  4. Claire you are so generous… Thanks for the privilege of a view at and inside your home šŸ™‚
    Your husband is an amazing architect! Such a peaceful feel in these photos. Your home is spacious and breathable inside…so in harmony with the wide open nature outside. Love the definitive lines which gives a solid, secure presence. Elegant use of wood, stone, water and glass…bravo! And the lighting! Wow šŸ™‚
    The bookshelf is appropriate and so much fun, Miss 200 books/year šŸ™‚ Your living area is absolutely tranquil and amazing…the blue sky between the white ceiling and lit-up white wall outside is breath-taking. So creative is your home, I could go on…suffice to say I love everything and I am so happy for all of you!!!!

    Inspiring! Please thank your husband too. Appreciate you guys sharing šŸ™‚


  5. Wow, Claire! Your mom and dad must be amazed. I like the touch of Berkeley with the prayer flags. Beautiful home, great photos, lovely daughter–you, that is. Congratulations on all your great work. When will you write a book about finding your way to this home? So many international relationships these days. Best wishes to you all.

  6. Wow!
    I love it. Your house is so beautiful and serene. Kudos to you and your husband….and Lucia. šŸ˜‰

  7. You and your ‘mightily talented architect’ have designed a stunning home, one so artfully crafted it makes me smile to look at it. Enjoy!

  8. Claire – I raise my hands and I surrender. Without paying much attention to you I wrote you off as one more social media arriviste. But now, having seen an expression of your lifestyle and values as represented by your conceptualization and use of space (your home) I got it: I need to start paying attention. My current focus is on history, the environment and culture as expressions of community in the form of local law (see peter sam golden @ linkedin). I publish actively on the topic by writing about cultural landscapes, heritage values and the process of modernity. My guess is we share similar values. So now, when I see your name in my in-box, I look and learn. Thanks so much for sharing. Quite generous of you and your husband. Be well, Claire… Peter Golden – The Golden Group – Natick, MA

  9. wow! It is a great house in our world today. Please be grateful to God while in it every time dear!

  10. Adrienne and I just spent twenty minutes fawning over your house. Its absolutely beautiful. I see that your husband built a bookcase perfect for your never ending collection.

  11. Wow your home is AMAZING!!!!!!! I love el Papel Pido hanging in the back deck too!! reminds me of my childhood home in Guadalajara…….well at least the small courtyard we had and with papel picado decorating it. Felicidadez!