Sammy’s Summer in Kenya

Following Sammy’s summer back home in Kenya this year, Lara and I had him write a letter about the trip to send out to those who helped fund his summer home.


I couldn’t believe one whole year was over but how exited I was to go back home! I was to arrive on a Sunday. I arrived in Kenya at 9:30 pm and was greeted by my little sister. She had grown taller, taller than I expected. Anyways we met with my aunt and she was fine I slept at her house that night. I drove to Nyeri, where Tumaini is located. I arrived when all the students were at school.

The home had changed, with the absence of Cucu (“Grandmother, and Tumaini Children’s Home elder) who passed on and Mrs Eunice, the former manager at the orphanage. I was welcomed with open arms and I was very happy.  There was a worker re-shuffle such that some of the workers I left were no longer there. All in all the administration was good. Now the hard part was meeting with the kids. I didn’t know what to expect. In that I mean that I didn’t know if the kids will appreciate and welcome me or not. But it struck me as a surprise when all kids were verrrrryyy happy to see me! That was one of the happiest moments of my life.

I tried to help in every possible way I could during my summer visit. Mostly I helped in the library which was not in a good shape. But I did a little bit of it. I was told I couldn’t  lend out books though until Lara arrived. Two bad thing that happened there is that: my best friend’s (Hezron) grandma died, and Wycliff’s brother passed on. That hit me hard.

At home everything was good and my aunt was okay and her family. My grandma came to visit and she’s fine though now she bends as she walks. Everyone wished me well. I went to the school I was in before and was enrolled and went to three weeks or so of school. It was fun to meet with all of my former classmate.

During my trip, I met some new American friends. One is the thinkkindness group ( they are very good group and I made very good friends. They brought some shoes for the kids which made everyone happy.

The other group is a Presbyterian church group from Emmaus, PA and they want me to visit them sometime.

There are a few problems though…the high school students are worried about their future as there is not a lot of donations so the orphanage is financially unstable. So the not a lot of the student go to college due to lack of funding. That forces the kids to go to the villages not knowing what to do. that means the most kids don’t go to college and in Kenya education is the only hope for anyone.

Anyways the kids are happy and all and I love them and I pray for them all the time. Now I am back to US for school. School has already started and I am very well. I joined key club and I am doing cross-country, on that I am the treasurer for the Dorm Council(voice of residential students!)

Thanks,    Sammy

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2 thoughts on “Sammy’s Summer in Kenya

  1. Hi Claire! I’ve really enjoyed reading through your website and listening to your podcasts! How did you get to know Sammy, and how is he doing?