Social Media Pet Peeve #2: Over-Sharing

Ah, the case of over-sharing.

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On social media, it (sometimes) appears that over-sharing seems to be certain people’s #1 favorite idiotic thing to do.

In this social media pet peeve video #2, I share about why over-sharing is so: unnecessary, annoying, and not smart.


Want more social media pet peeves? #1 (Over-asking for retweets) is here.

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2 thoughts on “Social Media Pet Peeve #2: Over-Sharing

  1. While i agree that many people share way too much, I think that your example in the video is rather mild compared to a lot of others. At least hers seemed to be restricted to comments. I have seen a lot of people create a new posting for every stray thought that comes into their head. They want everyone to know that they are bored at work, what they just ate, and how much they love their new relationship. Consider yourself lucky that your friend confines hers to comments of other posts rather than creating new posts each time she has those thoughts. It does get a little annoying to constantly get alert notifications every time my friend posts how much she loves her new boyfriend.