The Top Ten Social Media Marketing Mistakes (Podcast #7)

Did you remember I have a podcast?

Here’s episode 6, and it’s all about social media marketing.

Specifically I’ll be telling you the top ten social media marketing mistakes I see individuals, brands and organizations making every day. Hopefully you’re not making them — and if you are, stop. Now.

This podcast is based on the ten mistakes I discuss in my social media manifesto – How to Be Social. If you didn’t get it free on Kindle last week during it’s 48 hour freebie “sale”, you can download a free PDF version here.

And now, for the podcast:



Podcast Show Notes

I mention a couple things in the podcast that may (or may not) be of note.

  • My friend Scott Stratten (@unmarketing) singing his heart out in his absurd viral video, Why Don’t You Leave Me Alone. If you listen to the podcast, you’ll listen to me spend about 45 glorious seconds trying to remember what song he was singing and what it was called. Well, here it is.
  • Be nice. Rate my podcast.

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  8. This podcast is based on the ten mistakes I discuss in my social media manifesto – How to Be Social. If you didn’t get it free on Kindle last week during it’s 48 hour freebie “sale”, you can download a free PDF version here.


  1. [...] I think it goes without saying these days that if you want to build your blog, you must be on Twitter and/or Facebook and/or Google+ and/or other social networks. I only joined Twitter this year, but it’s been a great way to meet more people online and to spread the word about my blog. The best advice I’ve seen on social media is Clair Diaz Ortiz’s social media manifesto How to Be Social. [...]

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