The Wedding Photographer Put Me in the Bathtub

When your wedding photographer tells you to get in the bathtub, you say yes. Even if it’s 45 minutes before your wedding starts.

If you’re lucky, your groom, mother, and bridesmaids all agree.

When Twitter coworker, friend, and photographer extraordinaire Jillian West (@jillyface) agreed last year to photograph my “wedding celebration” in Buenos Aires (yes, that whole courthouse thingy wasn’t enough for 400 screaming Argentines) I was over the moon.

But when I saw the pictures I was more so. Way more so. Over the moon, that is.

She’s good, I tell you. Like, really, really good. Heck, I’m even telling Yelp about it.

Maybe in another year, when US immigration decides to recognize the whole thing, we’ll take more pictures. If 2010 was any indication, it just might take that long.

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