This Week in the World (Links)

This week, I breathed the California air. (And had a lovely, inspiring time at Catalyst West.) I finished some books, including My Life in France, which I loved. Chronicling the Julia Child early years, it made me obsessed with her, and I now want to get every book I can find about Julia Child’s life. Fun fact: She spent 10 years writing her first book, and was nearly 50 when it first came out. The picture? Me, at a museum in Sao Paolo. Old, but good. I still wear those shoes.

“I have a terrible need of — shall I say the word — religion. Then I go out and paint the stars.” (Vincent van Gogh)

Here are some other things I saw, read and coveted.

Did I miss any good reads this week? Leave a comment below and I’ll go find ’em!

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3 thoughts on “This Week in the World (Links)

  1. Dear Claire, for a moment, I thought you were stretched out in a big cup of coffee! Seems I gotta get more rest this year, oh dear me. Or I ought to have that cuppa coffee to really see things in the right perspective. Cool shades, by the way 😉

  2. “I need to buy a fitbit. Stat. Do you own one? Do you recommend it?”

    I just finished reading your post about “…Excess” and was taken by the above question? Makes me wonder. As Jeff said, “Anything more than enough is excess, and anything less than enough is suffering.”

    I am not one to speak on the subject because I have more junk than many people and I buy more on a regular basis. But really, if you couldn’t find a fitbit, would you be suffering.