Twitter for Good is in a Book Club. {Cheer Now!}

If you’ve always dreamed of joining a book club for the sole reason that you could one day turn down an invitation with the perfectly cultured and every-so-slightly pretentious phrase, “I can’t — I have my book club tonight,” you are not alone.

If you’ve ever entered a book club thinking you will be discussing the ins and outs of your favorite literature only to find 90% of the time spent discussing the fine points of your book club members’ bad ex-boyfriends, problematic mother-in-laws, and useless professional colleagues, you are also not alone.

But I digress.

I love book clubs, and believe that world would be quite a bit better if we all had to join one. Thankfully, my publisher agrees.

Wiley and Jossey-Bass have started a new Nonprofit Community Book Club, and the first selection will be — you guessed it! — Twitter for Good.

[Note: Now is the time to cheer.]

If you sign up for the book club this week you’ll get 40% off on Twitter for Good and other seasonal selections;)

Cool, no?



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5 thoughts on “Twitter for Good is in a Book Club. {Cheer Now!}

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