How People Find

Back when I started my first blog, back in 2006, I had the unique pleasure of discovering a new, favorite past time. No, not blogging itself, but rather looking up what people are searching for when they find my blog.

Over the years, this passion has only increased.

Here’s a compilation of some of the best Google searches for that I’ve found lately. They are all, as you will see, spot on.

  • poems about a homeless person
  • wedding in a bathtub
  • baby chickens
  • pageant training in Venezuela
  • girl scout ceo salary
  • I love Borges
  • hostgator sucks
  • 2012 changes in the world*
  • shoulders to match skoll
  • who decides the seven wonders of the world**

Surprised? What did you think people were searching for when they came here?


*I would pay a pretty penny to see who was googling this niche topic. Hopefully, a 3rd grader.

**(amazingly, this was also a popular search term in my 2006 travel blog. apparently i mention the seven wonders a bit too much on the web. and, apparently, no else does.)

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2 thoughts on “How People Find

  1. The March article on” Clinical Considerations: why people stammer,” those are the terms
    I’ll be using in this article should not be taken as a supplement, and cod liver oil. Stretching your foot is supported by other collagen and connective tissue nutrients like vitamin C and zinc. There is an arch at the middle of your calf.

  2. I run a local man with a van website, I remember looking at how people found my site one day and right down there at the bottom of the search queries were two not very nice adult related search terms. I was horrified, I went through my site with a fine tooth comb trying to see why this had happened and I never did find the reason. That was a few months ago now and I am happy to report it has never happened since. Off now to find your post on why hostgator sucks as I use them on one of my other sites.