Great Links this Week

  We spend a lot of time in this space chatting about productivity and how to work well. I thought I’d start something new here, shift gears a little bit, and have some fun. A lot of you want to know what I’m reading online. Some things make me think. Some things make me shudder. […]


Happy Saturday! I couldn’t think of what to call this post, so I called it #thisweek. Feedback is welcome on creating a non-sucky title. Here’s what I have to say: This week, I won the world by traveling for 24 hours internationally by myself with a 23-pound 8-month-old (97% percentile, yo!). For 17 of those hours, […]

This Week in the World {Links}

This week, I got back into peanut butter. In a big way. I continued to be annoyed by everything Aria says on Game of Thrones. (Whiny, much?) I bought 18 boxes of tea (Subscribe and Save, anyone?) I read a few more books, and I came to California. The picture? Me and friends, in a Buenos Aires museum. […]

This Week in the World {Links}

This week I finished the 25-hour (!) audiobook I had been listening to, Dark Star Safari: Overland from Cairo to Capetown. This was actually the third time I’d read this particular book (first via audiobook) and I came away feeling as I always do with audiobooks: they are amazing because I can listen anytime, but they […]

This Week in the World (Links)

This week, I breathed the California air. (And had a lovely, inspiring time at Catalyst West.) I finished some books, including My Life in France, which I loved. Chronicling the Julia Child early years, it made me obsessed with her, and I now want to get every book I can find about Julia Child’s life. […]

This Week in the World (Links)

This week, I flew on some planes. I ate a lot of chicken. I read a wonderful book, Give me the World, about Leila Hadley, a New York socialite-cum-travel writer who wrote a book about her year in the world with the six-year old son during the 1950s. One of the best travelogues I’ve read […]

This Week in the World (Links)

This week, I watched Lincoln. A good movie, if long. I drank Kombucha, which I love, but realized how important it is that it is cold. Ice cold. I read some more books, and particularly liked Four Kitchens: My Life Behind the Burner in New York, Hanoi, Tel Aviv and Paris. The picture? From months […]

Best Of the Interwebs: The *Me* Edition

I wanted to provide a round-up of some of the places I’ve been lately on the Interwebs. Meaning, that this edition of “Best of the Interwebs” is a bit one note. Read/don’t read at your leisure: Social Good Stars – Claire Diaz-Ortiz: This over-the-top nice piece on the Huffington Post chats about some of the […]

Best of the Interwebs This Week…

So what was happening this week in the world? Many things, but I’m afraid my best-of links may not help you become any more acquainted with them. They will make you laugh, smile, and have all the ups and downs betwee, though;) Without further ado, here’s what I found fascinating this week on the interwebs: […]

Best Links of the Week

This week was no slow week on the interwebs, and the plethora of inspiring, absurd, maddening, informative articles and videos I came across was, as usual, dizzying. Here are some of the best: It Is As You Choose It To Be: A powerful post from Michael Hyatt sure to make you think. Five Work-at-Home Challenges […]