Alongside my co-author, Ken Blanchard, I’m thrilled to announce our new book from Harper Collins is now out in hardback in the USA! (Look for 10 other languages/lands coming soon!)

One Minute Mentoring: How to Find and Work with a Mentor, and Why You’ll Benefit from Being One.


The story behind this book is one full of mentoring, as it should be;)

Ken Blanchard has long been an author I have looked up to. His iconic bestseller, The One Minute Manager, is a staple in leadership circles, and the rest of the 21 million books he’s sold pretty much fall in line. They teach. They inspire. And they do so through simple stories.

That’s why it was a true honor several years ago to start working on this book with Ken. Side by side. In his home and offices in San Diego. In his beautiful lake retreat in upstate New York. In the virtual land of Skype.

At the time, I was already well versed on the power of mentoring in life and business. I had had several key mentors in my own career that had gotten me to where I was. I had also been a mentor to a Kenyan boy (a story we chronicled together in our book, Hope Runs). Yet it wasn’t until Ken and I connected that I was able to take my understanding of mentoring to the next level. Not only did I see what it could mean to have a mentor like Ken in my life, but I also began to fully understand the value of teaching others why mentoring is so important.

Mentoring matters, and we wanted to teach others just how much.

Along the way, I also found that something pretty amazing was taking shape.

First, though, I had to learn a new lesson.

When I started working with Ken I thought I understood the lay of the land: He’d be my new mentor, and I’d be his bumbling menthe.

But Ken quickly made it clear that was not the case.

As he says, he knows what it means to be a mentee – even today, despite his success and all the fancy frames he has hanging on his walls. When asked why he more frequently writes books with coauthors than on his own, he is quick to reply, “Because I already know what I know! I value learning.”

It turned out, he could learn from me as well. As he has said about my own success as an early employee at Twitter and as a social entrepreneur in the digital space, “Claire gave me a ring-side seat to seeing how a new generation is using the power of social media to make a difference in the world.”

(And I didn’t pay him to say that.)

Our early readers say that they have been inspired by our mentorship and motivated by the delightful book. In it we outline a simple plan for overcoming the barriers to finding or being a mentor. And we make it clear that, as endorser Michael Hyatt said, “Nothing drives success faster than the right mentoring relationship.”

We believe that this is one of those books that can literally change your life — and the lives of others— for the better.

Get it here, or at your favorite retailer.

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