And…it’s here!

I’ve been hinting at a big project I’ve been working on over the past few months, and today is the day. We’re opening the doors so you can get your tickets to this crazy amazing FREE event, which starts in just 8 days.

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Here’s what you need to know:

You deserve a life of purpose, productivity, and profit.

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The Work by Design Summit is the #1 online conference to change the way you work. I’ve spent months creating this summit with the one goal of helping you clarify your purpose, maximize your productivity, and catapult your profits.

From May 17-June 2, 45+ world-class experts will reveal their biggest secrets and share with you their proven strategies to revolutionize your productivity and explode your profits. Each speaker will peel back the curtain on their own success and give you the specific strategies and action steps you need to implement to reach new heights. These speakers are amazing folks — bestselling authors and Ivy league professors, experts in the fields of psychology, productivity and success — and they are all here to help.


This summit can change the way you work.

I’ve spent months working on this, and am so excited to launch it into the world.

Check out all the details, the entire speaker lineup, and more and more over here.

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Intentional work is the key to great innovation.

The Work by Design Summit is a FREE online conference to teach you the power of purposeful productivity.

Join 20,000 other attendees to:

  • Clarify your innovative purpose
  • Double your productivity
  • Explode your profits
Watch 50+ word-class innovators share their best tools and strategies.
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