As I am always on a never-ending hunt for optimizing productivity, I’ve been a big fan of the bullet journaling craze that has taken the interwebs by storm. (See Bullet Journaling: The Analog System for the Digital Age) and approximately one million other articles for reference. 

SO much so that I recently picked up a book on the topic: Dot Journaling: A Practical Guide.

The book was a good simple overview to something I’d read the above-mentioned million articles on but still couldn’t get my head around and served as the jumping off point to finally starting my bullet journal. Because, for me, buying a book helps me do the actual thing. 

So what the heck is a bullet journal?

A bullet journal is an organizational system that is about you — whether you like to adorn your lists and notebook entries with frog stickers or neon colored pens. Bullet journaling is as creative and meditative as it is a surefire way to keep track of all of your to-dos, thoughts, plans, and doodles. It works because it puts all your stuff in one place, for constant reference. The bullet journal is a minimalist’s dream, and y’all know I have always dreamed of being a minimalist!

All it takes is a favorite notebook, a favorite pen, and a bit of structure. 

Try this notebook and these pens. 

But this isn’t just a willy-nilly way of staying organized a la YOU DO YOU. Nah. Bullet journaling is based upon a system — one that isn’t too tough to learn. There are dozens of tutorials, podcasts and articles to help you get started. Read my friend Anne’s take here.

Does your bullet journal need an index?

One way to organize your journal is into different categories with an index. Think: monthly spreads, master grocery list, weekly plans and daily plans, etc. You can even meal plan or write out a savings plan, and the cool thing about bullet journaling is that all of this stays in one handy place without having you to scramble to find each document or calendar. This concise way to keep all of the balls in the air is a daily practice, reinforcing small successes by adding on to each section and checking off each box.

A friend of mine, who, might I add, is incredibly busy, with a full-time business and the homeschooling of her child says this is her secret recipe for keeping life on track. I have to say, her journal is a work of art, covered in drawings and written in different colorful sparkly pens.

Though I love my online calendars and have my wonderfully messy and tattered journal, I am intrigued by the idea that my world can be contained in the same place and not require the hauling around of 15 different notebooks. 

So, if you’re interested in another way to amp up your list-making, try out bullet journaling.

Have you already?



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