I have a thing about twins. I’ve always had a spot in my heart for them, and so, years ago, when I read author Emily P Freeman’s first book and got to the part where she is surprised to find herself pregnant with twins it pretty much sealed the deal for me. I already loved her, and now I loved her more.

Recently, I had the chance to interview Emily. It was a heart-stoppingly good conversation for my head and my heart, and I came away with all kinds of THOUGHTS. Big ones.

It was all about this idea of How to Listen to Your Life. (Go there, register for free, and you’ll be able to watch Emily’s interview until Friday evening 5/20 for free.)

These days, I don’t know if I’m doing everything that Emily recommends, but I’m trying. Hard.

The one main thing I’m doing to listen better is that each and every morning I’m going outside, doing nothing, and sitting there as I drink up a whole cup of hot tea.

It’s a strange thing, to go outside and do nothing, and to expect something to happen. But I find more often than not that something does. And not in the sense of what happens around me — with the birds squawking on the lake or the trees turning orange in front of my eyes —  but more in the sense of how I feel when I’m done.

Because I feel like I’m listening. And slowly, I’m actually finding some answers.

The fantastic interview with Emily Freeman is just one of 45+ sessions as part of the Work by Design Summit I’m currently hosting. We’re in Day 3 of the the 17-day event, and I’ve been blown away to see that nearly 11,000 of you have already signed up to watch the great content.

See Emily’s interview, How to Listen to Your Life, and others here.


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