In this post, you’ll learn how to use Storify. Theoretically, that is.


This week, I had another of those conversations with social media people where I confess to not understanding what Storify is and how it works.

The conversation went something like this:


Them: Storify is awesome!

Me: Yeah! Totally!

Them: Yeah!

Me: But I actually don’t get it.

Them: Huh?

Me: Yeah, like I don’t understand. Is it just like easier than taking screenshots?

Them: Basically. But awesome, no?

Me: Yeah!


Since I’ve had this conversation a few too many times to count in recent months, I had put on my to-do list last week the following task: LEARN STORIFY.

But last week was busy, and I didn’t get to it.

Then, this week, Twitter launched it’s new snazzy version of the site and I was at a launch event. During the Q&A section of a presentation a guy in the audience got up to ask a question. I have no idea what he asked, but the important part was he said he worked at Storify. Which led me to write on my hand (and then, later, on my to-do list), for the second week in a row: LEARN STORIFY.

And so, finally, I did.

Although before starting to storify I did find a couple useful web articles, like this one and this one, overwhelmingly I learned how to use Storify by using it. Fiddling around, smacking my hand against my forehead, and saying “sweet!” again and again in rapid succession.

Now, to share the spoils of my efforts…


What is Storify?

Storify is a cool visual way to tell social media stories using your (or other folks’) Tweets, Facebook updates, pics, and other social media bread crumbs. Although the launch of embeddable Tweets (!) makes it a little less cool than it was a week ago, Storify is overwhelmingly a neat way to show how a story develops over social media — without you having to take screenshots and insert your own links.


How to Use Storify:

Luckily, it’s easy.

  1. First, create an account at Storify (you can log in with Twitter or Facebook).
  2. Click the blue “Create a Story” button in the top right hand corner.
  3. Look at the right side of the new screen where the icons of your favorite social media websites reside.  
  4. Click on any social media icon (like Twitter), then put in a username for that network you want to search. You’ll see all the recent Tweets from that person/hashtag/search query.
  5. Now, start dragging content from the right hand panel from the social media networks you are searching into the left hand panel where you are telling your story. Add words or titles. Presto! A story told in text and pictures via social media updates.


Want an Example?

Here’s my very first storify. It’s a recap of two recent live chats I did on @twitterreligion showing five best practices about live-tweeting you can learn from the chats. If you’ve used storify before, you will not be impressed. If you are new to storify, however, I welcome your awe at my new skillz.

Here’s another on #stopkony.




And Now, the Burning Question: Do you Storify?


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