As part of my morning quiet time, I’ve been reading a book on goal-setting from Danielle Laporte. So far, I’m loving it. This morning, in the book, Danielle suggested that the entire month of December should be wiped off the map in terms of work. In other words, no one should work in December.

I laughed. And then I agreed. There’s a lot to do in December. The holidays. The family stuff. The shopping. All that food.

And then there’s the goal-setting.

If you’ve been around this blog for awhile, you know that I’m a huge life hacker, and a huge life TRACKER, and as I’ve learned, tracking is only good when you’ve got a roadmap to head out on. Goals are my roadmap. I set them, and I try hard to stick to them. When I do throw them out the window (and I do, oh I do), it’s because something better has come along.

I’m hardly the only one. Bloggers like goal-setting. My friend Chris Guillebeau is big on setting aside an entire week in December wherein he primarily works to review his past year and look forward to the year ahead. I don’t spend a whole week, but I do make it a big priority. I drink a lot of tea. I get out a new Moleskine. I write things down. I check things off from the year behind map, and map things out for the year ahead of me.

And I love it.

There’s nothing quite like a good goal-setting session to get me all riled up. (Yes, I’m serious.)

So I’m always looking for new tools on goal-setting, and new books to dive into.

Last year around this time, I tested out a course on goal-setting that Michael Hyatt launched. I took it, and I loved the motivational and directional content it provided. It helped me refine my thinking about what I really wanted to accomplish, and helped me get off the couch and realize what goals would work for 2014, and what wouldn’t.

Most importantly, the course promised to help me figure out the WHY behind the goals I was considering setting. (I needed bad to figure out the WHY. I bet I’m not the only one.)

The course is open again, and in celebration Michael has created three jam-packed free videos and a downloadable PDF all about goal-setting.

Like air, they are FREE, and there’s some great Michael-quality value (read: high). The first one is all about the 4 key strategies you need to know to get goal-setting right. The second is about the 5 characteristics you need as a goal-setter to make it work.

See the videos here.

And stay tuned for more posts on goal-setting this month from yours truly. We’re gonna talk about setting a “word of the year”, looking back at the year behind us, how to choose the best non-caffeinated beverage for your goal-setting day, a big secret I’ve got in the pipe about goal-setting, and more.

After all, if we do have to work in the month of December, let’s make it worth some good old Russian rubles.



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