Every time I listen to music I like while I work, I think of my old work colleague and friend, @mutgoff.

Maggie was already at Twitter when I started in 2009, moving and shaking and doing cool stuff. One day, at some point during the years we worked together, she sent an email to employees sharing a simple, special experience she had had that day.

Here’s what happened to her:

In the middle of an otherwise busy work-day, she plugged in her earphones, and listened to music.

That was it. She listened to music. Music she liked. Music she could rock out to. Music that wasn’t just white noise or classical or sounds to make the background chatter go away. Music that made her dance a bit in her chair.

And it was this small experience that she wanted to share with the rest of her colleagues.

“What could we do today to make life and work a little better right where we were?” Maggie asked. Could we turn on The Killers or Modest Mouse? And then turn up the volume a little higher?

Or was there something entirely different we could do? Something that had nothing to do with music and everything to do with us being happier. Could we take a break and buy a latte at that cool hole-in-the-wall down the street? Could we walk to Whole Foods and buy a small bunch of flowers for our desk? Could we spend five minutes laughing with a colleague?

The question was simple, powerful, and important: What could we do today to make our life — right where we are — just a little bit better?

So, to you: What can you do today to make it a bit better right where you are?

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