Last week I told you all about my new obsession with, a website that combines my love of learning how other people spend their time with my love for hacking your morning routine to make yourself more productive all day (and all year) long. If you haven’t yet added this website to your round-up of must reads, do so STAT. (And if you haven’t by next month, then WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE? #etc.)

So, in the post last week I promised you some more details on my own morning routine. And, since I keep promises sometimes, I’m delivering. I’ll let the title speak for itself to give a glimpse into some of the things I do every morning.

Six Things I Do Every Morning:

  1. I open the curtains. We live in a super cool home my husband built on a lake and it has a wall of windows in our bedroom. The first thing I do upon waking is take the little remote controller on my side table to open them and look out.
  2. I open my bedroom door, in hopes that my 1-year-old daughter is somewhere near, and that she will be brought to me like the Queen being served tea in bed I should be. (She and my husband get up about at least an hour before I do.)
  3. I drink a ~12-16 oz. glass on water with lemon on my nightstand as I look out the windows. If my daughter has arrived, I fight with her to not steal the cup and throw the water everywhere.
  4. I do all my major iphone checks for about ten minutes: email, Twitter, Instagram, stocks, Jawbone UP sleep stats.
  5. I put on my running clothes, walk downstairs, and pour myself a cup of coffee.
  6. I do my morning quiet time. I call this The Present Principle (you can download a free ebook all about it if you want), and most of the 7 steps take place within the first hour of my morning. Exercise, however, usually happens at mid-day (via gamory). It depends on my daughter’s nap, as I go out for about 75 minutes with her on a run, then a walk, then a stop at the swings, each day.)

After all this, I then tackle the rest of my day, which by then is flying at me like a crazy monkey ready to spring. For the most part, I work hard to make sure that the first couple hours of work day is spent on focused work that I need lots of energy for, and NOT email.

I love my routine, but I admit that one of my big annoyances is that I really am not good at all at keeping any semblance of this when I’m on the road. I’ve tried and tried to tweak a “road version” of it, but so far it just hasn’t worked. It’s an in-progress point that hopefully I can make headway on in 2015.

So, if you haven’t answered already on my other post, are there any interesting things you do in your morning routine you can share?

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