I’ve been writing a lot of late. Finishing edits for next book. Writing a series on traveling the world over at my LinkedIn Influencer blog. Moaning in my journal about how much I miss eating dairy but then realizing how much better I feel when I don’t.

Blah blah blah.

Writing is a hard thing, and every day I think more and more that my father (a writer) was correct when he said that he wished he could’ve cut off my hands as a child to prevent me from following in his footsteps.

Too late, Dad.

Last year, I read a book on writing (although really about life) that I really loved called Wrecked. Written by a guy named Jeff Goins, it talks about Jeff’s life and the twists and turns he’s taken on his journey to becoming a full-time writer.

Jeff’s a friend, and earlier this year he took his aims to help others writers to new heights when he launched a class about writing called Tribe Writers.

He opens the class every few months, and it’s currently open for three more days. I’ve done it (full disclosure: Jeff gifted it to me), loved it, and gushed about it. The folks he talks to in the class interviews alone make it worth the price of the ticket. Honestly, there are some freakin’ awesome interviews with really cool writers.

Interested in Tribe Writers? Go check it out here. You can read what other people say about it. There’s a discount.

Not sure? Here’s a free video chat he did about writing that might be of interest.

And remember, the biggest part of being a writer is calling yourself one. Do you call yourself a writer? I hope so. 

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