A few years ago a popular blogger and friend Shauna Niequist wrote an article called Stop Instagramming Your Perfect Life. It went viral because it resonated with us all. A few weeks ago, I wrote you a newsletter entitled, Everybody’s Off Living their Perfect Life and I’m Just Here Folding Laundry. It was a line someone on a podcast I heard said, and I fell in love with it and wrote about it. Many of you responded in turn.

If you couldn’t tell yet, these aren’t original concepts.

Everyone is talking about them.

In any life, it’s easy to feel pressure to measure ourselves against others. In a 2017 life where we live so much of our beings and doings out loud, online, it’s easier than ever.

One thing we don’t talk about, though, is what happens when we get so scared of measuring ourselves, and of comparing and despairing, that we don’t talk about improvement. We don’t talk about getting better at #winning. We don’t talk about success.

And for good reason. We’ve become so sick of the measuring that talking about the improvement feels like one and the same.

But I’m here to say it’s not.

In fact, talking about how to get better, and how to do better, and how to succeed more often is not a dirty thing. It’s a good thing and a real thing and a thing that many of us secretly want to learn more about. And yet, because it’s become suspect in this day and age, we sometimes aren’t sure where to turn.

When I was writing One Minute Mentoring, the new book I co-authored with Ken Blanchard, this idea of success was something I thought about a lot. There were a few reasons for that. One, I was writing a book next to a guy who was incredibly successful and had done all kinds of things — selling 21 million copies of his books and building a big business and having a loving family and probably doing hundreds of others things I’ll never know about but that surely changed someone’s life. Two, because what we were writing about – mentoring – was at its heart about the concept of finding the guidance you need to win more often. The support you need to succeed.

So, when it was time to launch the book into the world, I knew it was time to bring this conversation of mentoring into a larger context. It was time to start embracing the idea that learning from others how to succeed — having a success mentor, if you will — was a worthy, powerful thing we could all be working towards.

Enter, stage right, my big news: The Success Mentor Summit.

I’ve spent more than 6 months working on this summit, and I’m SO excited to say that registration (oh hey, it’s FREE) is finally open.

Here’s the deal:

The Success Mentor Summit is a free, online summit bringing together more than 100 (yes, I think it’s 106!) of my favorite success mentors to share with you via video interviews how to build a life of success. What they did wrong, what they did right, and what you can do also to get going with winning more often.

The event is entirely online, and runs from September 5 – 15, 2017.

And yes, as I said, it’s FREE.

(All videos are available for 24 hours free, and if you want to upgrade and own a lifetime pass to all videos you can get in at the CRAZY early bird price of $77.)

Last year’s summit drew 15,000 of you, so I’m really looking forward to connecting with many of you in the coming weeks as we learn from more than 100 amazing mentors all about what success is, what success isn’t, and how you can level up.

—>>So go sign up FREE now!

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