With 10 days left until SXSW, I know some of you are already pulling out your highlighters and circling your screens in a frenzy {grin}. Yes, No. Yes, No. Good session, Bad session. Need to go, Need to miss.

But before you go and get everything all nailed down, let me offer one more session to throw into the mix.

Session: Twitter for Good at SXSW and Beyond

A 60-minute interactive, small-group, workshop with the goal of coming up with an answer to one specific question. Come with your own answer to the question, collaborate with others, and watch ideas bloom. Hosted by Twitter (and me), moderated by a few amazing people. Their names happen to be Deanna Zandt, Noel Dickover, and Mark Horvath.

The Question:

What 1 THING could Twitter, Inc. do to better help non-profits, causes, and anyone trying to make a difference in the world using the platform?


Where: Icehauers: 83 Rainey Street, Austin, TX 78701

When: Monday March 14, 12:30 PM {But come at 11:30 for a chat about Tunisia with very inspiring folks.}

Your Answer Needs to Be:

  • Tangible, Actionable
  • Reasonably Easy to Implement (not a workshop for pie in the sky)
  • High-Win
  • Something Even I Can Understand (come on, distill it down folks…)

Bad answers:

  • “Tell Kanye West to Tweet about my charity that helps puppies get on their feet after they fall down because it’s a really good charity, really, and we are only volunteer-driven and how come charity:water gets all the credit because my non-profit needs it more and we have overhead and only 17 Twitter followers but we really want more and then we’ll do a picture of the day too just like charity:water on Twitter and it will be ever cuter, I swear, but it all depends on Kanye…so how come you can’t tell him?….”
  • “Build a new Twitter just for causes!”
  • “This is too hard of a question to answer in 60 minutes, let’s just daytime drink instead.”

Oh, Yeah And…

Finally, I hope to leave the session with a good hashtag to use for ongoing follow up on the discussion. Unfortunately, my creative powers were tapped when I came up with #SXSWGOOD (okay, so I didn’t really, she did)  so I don’t have a good one in mind, but I’m sure we’ll find it;)

You want to come?

Please RSVP so we know to look for your lovely face and Tweet you when you stand us up! RSVP by putting your name and Twitter handle in the linky below;)

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