Firstly, it bothers me to no end that when I write about Google Plus I have to write both “Google +” and “Google Plus” because of fear/confusion/misunderstanding about what the kids are calling it these days.

But, I digress.

The #1 main reason I hate Google + is because I can’t figure out how to access my Google Plus profile with a link that isn’t 40 characters long and ugly. Granted, I can be an idiot at the interwebs, but I literally spent 30 minutes this week trying to figure out what a pretty, direct link to my Google Plus+ profile could be. This included (obviously) a Google search for “how to link to my google+ profile“, which pinged back the following unrelated gems:

Finally, search result number 9 proved promising, as it gave me the hope of a custom URL that did not include 18 bizarre numbers but rather my (gasp!) name. Hope ended when I clicked on the search result and read through directions that did not work for me or any of the irate commenters, because they reference a button/option that does not exist. This means said directions are either a) wrong or b) outdated because things are changing so much on Google + these days. (On this particular point I do not fault Google+, because new technologies always change, but this is might frustrating.)

So then, since those search results didn’t work out, I decided to change my search to “how to link to my google plus profile” (note the change from the “+” to the “plus”, thereby exhibiting my other key annoyance, that everything related to Google +/Google Plus has to be written twice on the interwebs because you just don’t know how others are saying it).

That search also failed to provide anything of worth, so I was left to ponder (with ire) the question of why Google cannot fix the Google search results such that the page on the Google + help section is ranked to appear on the first page of search results for its relevant search keywords.

Then I got busy on a site called which promised to give me a handy direct URL. The only caveat being that the link would start with but at this point I’m FINE with that as long as I can end this madness. Oh but wait, doesn’t recognize the link I am providing, which I have copy and pasted, so apparently I can’t even link to myself on Google +/Plus even when I use the ugly long numbers.

So now, here I sit. Unable to link to my own profile and unable to figure out how.


Here is my profile, in case you know how to get to it. If you do know a way to get there without copying down those boring numbers or memorizing that less-than-handy URL, please enlighten.


Oh, Google Plus/+ you irk me!


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