Claire here.

You’re on my blog,, where I write things. Good things, bad things, things in the middle between bad and good.

Today, I’m writing to ask you a kinda weird thing.

Here goes.

What do you need?


Is there a way that I can help you?

I’m not being weird. I’m genuinely curious.

Many things might come to mind when I ask that question. Here are few ideas:

  • You want to learn to start a blog and turn that blog into a business. 
  • You need advice on how to find your passion in life and turn it into a career.
  • You want to know how to use social media to rock the world.
  • You need a cookie. A big one. With milk.
  • You want me to start emailing you my blog posts. Go here. Or you want me to stop. (Hit unsubscribe at the bottom of any note I send and it’ll do the trick.)

Whatever it is, I’d like to know. If there is something I can do, shoot me a note ( Leave a comment. I’ll read every one, and I’ll respond to as many as I can.

Have a great week,


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