Earlier this month, I had a new book come out. Design Your Day: Be More Productive, Set Better Goals, and Live Life on Purpose is a little tome to help you live a more passionate, productive life. Specifically, it teaches you the exact process I use to get more done in less time. To celebrate the launch, I’ve been doing a 21 day video #DesignYourDay challenge on Periscope.

(If you miss any of the live shows, you can see all the replays here.)

In one of the latest videos (scroll down to the bottom of the post if you want to watch), I talked about two tools I use every single day to track my time. I believe that tracking your time is the first step to doing less, and I was amazed with how much I learned about where I spent my online life after tracking my time for a few weeks. A year in, I’m hooked.

I highly recommend checking out these tools.

1. RescueTime

This has been one of my favorite discoveries of the past year. RescueTime is a program that tracks all the time you spend on the computer. In the PRO version (it costs around $5 a month), it gives you more options, like prompting you to log time you spent off your computer as well. It’s a smack-dab amazing way track your work-life, and I can’t recommend it highly enough. (And if you’re really lucky and mildly insane, your BFF will give you her log in so you can see how she spends her time. But enough about me.) Even just trying their free version for a month will be a great eyeopener for you.

2. Moment

This app tracks how much time you spend on your iphone each day as a total number. It doesn’t break it down into categories like RescueTime, but it’s the best thing you can find for tracking on an iphone currently. I’m really hopeful RescueTime will come out with an app soon. The one drag is that Moment doesn’t track in airplane/wifi mode, which is a huge bummer.

I go into more detail in this video about why I love these tools and how I use them, but suffice it to say, only two words are needed.


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