I’m back, with another post on rest. (It is my word of the year, after all.)

I have been talking a lot lately about the effects of not resting, and what it means to not give your body the important rest that it needs in order to accomplish all those big, bold things you want to do in this world. Today, I started thinking a bit more about what happens when you don’t rest your body. Fueled by a great book I’m reading, The Balance Within, by Esther M. Sternberg, I compiled a short (happy) list of all that not resting means for you, your body, and your soul.

Here are a few things that happen (reliably), when you don’t rest:

1. You’re Itchy, Cranky, Angry

The hardest part about not resting is the fact that your body reacts. Even though your body isn’t resting, your body knows it needs to, and your mind responds.  The result? You get itchy, cranky, and — yes — angry. It’s not a pretty sight, and it’s all because you’re not taking the time you need to step out of the game so that you can get back in.

2. You Have No Bandwidth

Turns out that when you don’t say NO, you end up having to say no. Why? Because you can’t physically take on one more thing. So the next time you say yes because you think you need to (but know you shouldn’t), know that your body may actually prevent you from following through. Tough stuff, no?

3. You Have to Say No, Even When You Don’t Want To

In what is the worst extension of the above (You Have No Bandwidth), not resting means that you force yourself to say NO to those things that you really want to say YES to. And I’m not talking about things you should say NO to (one more meeting, one more call, one more “golden opportunity”). I’m talking about those things that you really, honestly, healthily, want to respond with a big positive YES to. Your friend’s wedding. A weekend away. A dinner party. Those things. When you don’t rest, you won’t be able to do the things you want to.

So what about you? How do you comport yourself in our fine world when you don’t get the rest you need?

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