Last week, I told you about the idea of creating a “word of the year”. One word to inform and synthesize the year you have ahead of you. One word to mean everything you want 2013 to be, and one word that will help serve as a guiding light when times get tough and you’re not clear on where your priorities are.

Some of you responded via the comments and via email with your “words of the year”, and I was thrilled to read them. Words like “abundance” and “direction” and “moxie” and “contentment” rang true, and made me smile when thinking about the lives that such words will help improve in the year to come.

For me, 2013 is all about one particular four-letter word that I seem to be extraordinarily bad at integrating into my daily life.

My word is REST.

Four letters that mean the world to me in my current season of life.

Although my rest might not be as restful as the REST that some might be able to enjoy (my travel schedule, for example, is just one area of my life that stuns others into shock at times), REST for me is still an important concept that I hope to try and integrate into my world in 2013.

I hope to make decisions based on this word, and to try and remember this word when difficult choices arise. Should I attend XXX, or should I stay home? Should I travel for XXX meeting, or should I make the difficult request to Skype in instead?

When your life and work calls for travel, rest is hard, and that is unfortunately the season I find myself in. That said, I’m hopeful that – by making this word forefront in my mind – I can make strides in making some small, notable changes that will bring positive changes into my life in 2013.

Finally, I want to acknowledge that even if I don’t get it 100% (or 80%) “right” in 2013, I can still use this word as my word of the year once again in life. I’ll try it this year, and maybe try it again in the future. And maybe, just maybe, I’ll keep trying it until I get it right.

For me, it’s a year of REST.

Did you think about choosing a word of the year for 2013? If so, what is it?

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