Here’s the scenario.

You’re a writer, say. You put words on paper and put those papers into the hands of people who read them. Or maybe you put words on screens and let Twitter do your billing: I PUT A WORD HERE. COME READ IT.

Whatever your method (paper, pen, computer), or your strategy for garnering readership (bullhorns, Twitter), you surely require one simple thing, day in and day out.

That thing?


All people — not just writers, but innovators, business people and mind benders require ideas to fuel their fire. Turns out, we have lots of them. Every single day. But the challenge, our challenge, is capturing those ideas.

When you have an idea in the shower, do you write it down? No. When you have an idea while tossing and turning at night, do you write that down? Not likely. When you have an idea while in a subway, do you type it into your iphone? Sometimes.

The problem, it seems, is not the finding of ideas, but the documenting of them.

So get a notebook. A tiny one. Not your regular hefty journal. Not your iphone. A real notebook you can touch and look at and think: THIS IS FOR MY GREAT-BAD-UGLY IDEAS. ALL OF THEM.

I like this little thin one from Moleskine.

Carry it around. Use it just for ideas.

Do it.

Do you have one? Does it work for you?

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