Every year, I do a few things. First, I review the year behind me (that would be 2014). Then I set annual goals for the year ahead (2015 is what we’re calling it, apparently). In that process, I choose a word of the year

This is my third year on the word-of-the-year bandwagon, and I love it so far. In brief, the goal is to choose a word that will direct how I think about my life and the decisions I make about how to spend my time.

One word that helps me when I’m not sure what to do or where to put my energies or how and what to prioritize. One word to help me live. In the past, I’ve had the word “Rest” (my 2013 word), and “Renew” (my 2014 word). Both were wildly helpful to getting me where I wanted to be in those years.

This year, I’ve got a new one.


Close readers may have noticed I actually debuted this word in this Mashable article in December. A few folks picked up on it. And one reader even sent me a #banbusy necklace!

Now, why #banbusy for 2015? Why this word?

First things first: it’s not a word. It’s actually a hashtag. And it’s actually two words. But I digress. The point’s the same. It is one short, powerful idea, and I’m hoping it’s going to revolutionize the way I think about the things I do this 2015.

As those who know me know, I’m a productivity hack, and the thing I hate most about life is being busy without accomplishing.

Running the hamster wheel with no goal in mind, and no metrics to measure your progress along the way. Not taking breaks even though you’re not being effective. Not breathing even though breathing would be the best thing to do to get you somewhere. Not being productive, and just being busy. 

All these things drive me nuts. And I do all these things. Daily.

#banbusy is my aim to help myself.

Later this week, I’ll share some of the practical tools I’m using to help me implement #banbusy in my life this year.

 In the meantime, do you have a word for 2015? Can you create one for what you want 2015 to be?

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