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Back in 2011, I made a comprehensive video training course as a companion to my book, Twitter for Good. Several hundred of you have taken the course over the years, and many have said that it works well whether or not you’ve read the book. But all good things come to an end, and the course is sun-setting until 2015.

Now’s your last chance to get it before it goes away…

{cue tears}

Get it before it closes, and you’ll get all future versions free. Don’t love it? Return it for your money back.


How do I register for the Twitter Video Course? 

Donate $99 below.

The Background:

I wrote Twitter for Good: Change the World One Tweet at a Time. A book. With pages.

I thought that by publishing said book I would end up getting less questions in life about how to use Twitter to change the world. I was wrong.

The book has served as a (wonderful) invitation for folks to ask me more questions, deeper questions, more engaged questions, about how to help their non-profit organization, social enterprise or cause excel on Twitter. And with all these questions, I realized the need to find a space to give them the answers they need.

The Twitter for Good Video Course (an on-demand video training) is just that space.

From the comfort of your home or office, enjoy dynamic, informative training videos from yours truly (Claire Diaz-Ortiz), with the aim of helping your nonprofit organization, for-profit business, or cause use Twitter to change the world.

The Details:

  • This is an online-only course. Sign up and I’ll teach you the tools of Twitter for Good. In nearly ten hours of video and audio content, I’ll help you use Twitter to help your non-profit organization excel. Log in and watch whenever you like (sherry and bon bons are A-OK).

What You Will Learn:

  • I will help you develop a rocking, smart, awesome Twitter strategy for your cause.
  • I will walk you — in depth — through each of the five steps in the 5-step T.W.E.E.T. model for nonprofit success that I teach in Twitter for Good. The “TWEET” model explores the 5 main steps that any individual cause or organization should undertake to win on Twitter. These are five practical, tactical steps and I believe that once you master them you will have the keys to making Twitter work for you and your organization.
  • I will give you excellent case study examples of great nonprofit organizations doing what you should be doing.


  • $99 (Proceeds from your registration will go to Hope Runs)

Why You Should Get it Now:

The course is going away for a good long while as I revamp it. If you want it in its current form, you can get it for the discounted price/donation of $99.

  • Purchase now and you’ll get access to ALL future versions. FREE.


Want to register? Make your $99 donation below.


I’m busy this month and can’t watch live videos — can I do this next month? 

Yes. All training videos are on-demand. Do them when you want. Even though the course will no longer be available for registration, you can continue to access at any time.

Can I get my money back?

Yes. If you don’t like it. Email claire(at)

Is Santa coming coming this year?

If you’re good.

Why isn’t this sales page longer and filled with more flashy graphics?

Should it be?

I have more questions, who can I write?

I’m the queen of questions. Write me at claire(at)

Still Not Sure?

Watch this Bonus Video:

Overview: Welcome to the Twitter for Good Unconference from Claire Diaz-Ortiz on Vimeo.


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